Monday, May 07, 2012

Killing Jet Lag Before it Kills Me

Well, right now it's almost 4 AM and I'm starting this blog to record all the sweet stuff I find and do in Japan. Well, as much as I can at least. I'm not much of a writer (or reader for that matter), but hopefully even if nobody finds this entertaining in the least, I will have some record and proof that I went to Japan and learned a lot, and had fun. Kind of a journal then I guess you might say.

By the time I get on the plane to 東京 (Tokyo), I'll probably pass out and sleep for at least 5 hours. Oh, and can't forget how excited I am to spend a total of at least 5 hours in airports today! -_-

As for luggage, I have my two check-in bags, a carry-on, and a backpack. One of these bags is full of about 8 lb. of candy (It's for the students, not me...)!

Well, 3-4 more hours till I drive to the airport... 

...then 日本 (Japan)!